Michael Dell .. The story of the man who founded Dell for $ 1,000
Michael Dell .. The story of the man who founded Dell for $ 1,000

Michael Dell, businessman and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation, is the youngest CEO among the 500 richest people in the world. Michael Dell was born on February 23, 1965. He married Susan Dell in 1989. He has four children, Alexa, Zakari, Kira and Julia.

Michael Dale studied at the University of Texas at Austin, but he was not educated and started his business in 1984. Michael Dale entered college to study medicine and became the first in the university week before the year and final exams, he started his own company (PC's Limited) from the bedroom at an affordable price. Only about $ 1000.

Dell said Dell had been interested in mathematics and technology since childhood, but he became interested in computers while studying at university, as he began improving college computers by adding more when buying, developing, and then transferring computers. "It's just an interesting thing and a way to make money."

Michael Dell realized his business and began to explore the world of information technology. He found that the IT sector was not efficient enough, as Dell described the state of the industry at the time: “Moving it to the building from the person who built it. It took too long. I bought it, it was expensive and was a little slow.”

Dell began accelerating business development with monthly sales of between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000. Dell quickly noticed the young Cuban, who started his own IT business in Dallas, and wrote Copan to Dell to thank him for his excellent work. And tell him that he is a great person and that he appreciates great things.

Within one year, Michael Dell earned $ 200,000 and renamed Dell Computer. He left college to work full-time, and in four years, in 1988, Dell's market value reached about $ 85 million. In 1992, in dollars, Dell was 27 years old and became the youngest CEO on Fortune 500.

Dell is today one of the largest companies in the IT market, and you can get the latest company news at this link.

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