Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser
Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular web browser

NetMarketShare report mentioned that Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular desktop web browser after Firefox. According to the report, Microsoft's market share reached 7.59% in March, a slight increase from Firefox's share of 7.19. % Period.

Microsoft's bet for Chromium-based browsers appears to be paying off as Microsoft Edge outperforms Mozilla Firefox in its market share for the first time, even though both browsers hold a 68.5% market share of (Google Chrome).

As the default browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge browser mode can help quickly increase market share for browsers, and the Chromium-based version removes many complaints regarding older versions of supported browsers, for example compatibility. , Velocity and load range available for the item. On Microsoft's hard drive.

In April 2019, the market share for (Microsoft Edge) browsers was 5.53%, while the share (Firefox) was 10.23%, with browsers approaching in February and March (Microsoft Edge) it seemed that they exceeded one and a 7.59 ratio was obtained. (Compared to (Firefox) 7.19.

Data indicates that Edge users have grown steadily over the past year and that Firefox has lost some users. Although Microsoft Edge encourages users to use Microsoft services through Google services, relying on Chromium Engine improves understanding of the Google Network.

Data from NetMarketShare shows the market share of many web browsers in the past year, including (Internet Explorer) with a market share of 5.87%, (Safari) with a market share of 3.62% and (Opera) while retaining the market share. 1.14%.

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