Motorola Riser abandoned traditional chips and relied on Thales technology
Motorola Riser abandoned traditional chips and relied on Thales technology

Thales has delivered a new Motorola Razer (eSIM) phone from Motorola. It is the world's first foldable smartphone that completely depends on this ultra-compact solution and provides a secure mobile connection.

Because integrated chip technology provides the most space, it should open the door to a new generation of networked devices for consumers like smartphones and mobile devices like smart watches or computers.

These slides installed in the machine during the manufacturing phase are non-removable and provide valuable space that engineers can use to develop new ultra-slim products. It not only provides the compact chip, but also allows users to update their subscriptions to cellular networks that are stored securely in eSIM. This means that traditional chips should not be used, but only proper preparation for scanning.

The Thales chip, incorporated into the new Motorola mobile phone, complies with the GSMA (International Mobile Network Federation) specification to activate the chip remotely. This comprehensive approach enables manufacturers to introduce new categories of innovative products. To support this new mobile ecosystem, over 200 mobile operators in 90 countries around the world are planning to offer eSIM services to consumers.

"More than 2.8 billion smartphones with eSIM are estimated to be billed between 2018 and 2025," said Neil Shah, vice president of research. More and more eSIM smartphones are becoming more popular, which will further stimulate this market as we will see more and more dependence on different price levels for their use of smartphones. Many advantages offered by manufacturers, operators, and smartphone users. ""

"Motorola's decision to manufacture mobile phones exclusively on embedded chips reflects the great confidence in this space-saving and secure method of mobile communications, which is also emerging through the technology of Taylor Sri. Lankan, a leading global company," said Emmanuel Anguran, executive vice president of Thales Mobile Communications Solutions. In eSIM technology and subscription management, she is confident and actively involved in the development of the GSMA specification for remote activation of subscriptions.

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