One of the benefits of Apple Maps that Google Maps must copy
One of the benefits of Apple Maps that Google Maps must copy

In recent years, Apple has updated the Apple Maps app to keep up with the Google Maps app that many iPhone users are still using.

Google Maps offers a wider experience and more benefits than Apple Maps, which is understandable. However, Apple Maps will get the feature that Google Maps should copy as soon as possible because it is linked to the new health crisis caused by coronavirus as Apple Maps will soon return you to the nearest center. The COVID-19 test near you is a type of information that you should find in the Maps application during the Coroner pandemic.

Google Maps already offers many features that can help you, as the app displays a COVID-19 warning every time you search for a hospital or doctor to remind you to pre-contact a medical before visiting the facility.

The app also allows business owners to quickly update their business, including changes to business hours and closing times. In addition, the Google Maps app highlights all nearby restaurants serving food and allows them to be downloaded directly to the "requests" application, but does not provide information about the Corona virus test in the application.

However, it is worth noting that Google has a COVID-19 site where you can find information about your area that contains the news area about the corona virus in Google News and YouTube.

Displaying the Corona virus testing site on the map is not an easy task and requires the assistance of medical professionals, and Apple is doing it. Discover 9to5Mac Apple COVID-19 Gate for Hospitals and Doctors. Here the medical expert must enter the test information in Excel format. For downloading and returning to Apple, data is scanned and displayed in Apple Maps.

Over the next few weeks and months, the ability to test COVID-19 must be improved so that governments around the world can test more people, not just those with symptoms, and the government will begin deploying serological tests to detect serum in patients who have recovered from COVID-19 They may be immune to disease after surviving the disease. Screening activities can also help better determine the number of people with this disease and limit their spread in new outbreaks.

Google Maps may soon display a COVID-19 virus test page.

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