Review ABKONCORE C510S ATX Computer Case
ABKONCORE C510S ATX Computer Case

ABKONCORE C510S ATX mid-size tower gaming Case for PC with pre-installed ARGB 120mm fan, tempered glass on all sides, LED ARGB square headlight, two USB 3.0 ports, magnetic dust filter, i.e. water cooling

Excellent midpoint of the curve
The Apconcor C510S advanced computer case features impressive airflow and uses a two-room design to improve ventilation.

Front valve housing
Discover a transparent LED display that highlights the stylish design of the gaming bag.

Removable hard drive holder
The two removable hard drives provide the additional performance and protection you need for your computer.

High quality glass
The high-quality tempered glass design allows you to understand the system.

Dust catcher
The magnetic dust filter and removable dust filter allow you to keep the system clean and maintain optimum performance.

Powered by ABKONCORE SP120 fan
The built-in SP120 fan on the back of the computer case lights up your device thanks to the LED display.
Review ABKONCORE C510S ATX Computer Case
ABKONCORE C510S ATX Computer Case

ABKONCORE C510S ATX Computer Case Specs

● Improved gameplay experience: Explore the best way to use Game Mode. Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and ATX. Power source: ATX. Expansion slots: 9 per unit. CPU cooler: Max GPU 168 mm: Max 390 mm.
Revolutionary cooling system: your computer is protected with a cooling system that keeps the device at an optimum temperature. You do not need to worry about overheating or early damage. We've collected our own collection of gaming products that give you unparalleled safety and style.
● High-quality design made of tempered glass without tempered glass shows the computer in an elegant style. The high-quality glass side wall displays your components without distracting you. Gives your computer gaming bag a luxury item.
● The latest design for computer gaming cases - a mid-size computer case with soft edges and eye-catching LED lighting. Meanwhile, your PC offers an ideal solution for storing components. The look is impressive. Using computer game packages the way you want has never been easier.
● Extended Storage Space - Your computer can be perfectly integrated into our product suite so that you can store multiple drives. The perfect solution to improve your computer's performance while displaying internal components.

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