Review Cobra SPX 5300 Laser Radar Detector
Cobra SPX 5300 Laser Radar Detector

The new SPX 5300 is crystallization from Cobra and has over 30 years of experience in processing quality and high performance tests. Thanks to the SPX series variable game detection range, the warning time has almost doubled, which applies to previous models! Using the world's latest technology, proven military components and design methods, Cobra embodies this amazing performance in a stylish detector, nearly half of the other detectors on the market. Overspeed Circle provides greater detection range and better early warning for all radar / laser pistols currently used in the United States and Canada, including instant radar pistols (high-speed radar pistols). Other functions include ultra-bright display, sound alarm, signal strength indicator, laser eye, IntelliMute / IntelliMute Pro, radar detector VG-2 / Specter, safety alarm and automatic / manual mute, dimming mode, city / highway filter mode Le.

Cobra SPX 5300 Laser Radar Detector Specs
  • Very low noise signal amplifier only used in military systems
  • Gold-plated printed circle for microwave devices
  • Dual mixer / omni-directional valve for inaccessible packaging
  • The first home oscillator transistor (low noise, J-FET in high motion) was chosen to improve signal amplification, output power and low noise characteristics in its frequency range
  • The powerful processor can fully analyze police radar in less than 240ms

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