Review Cobra XRS9370 Radar Laser Detector
Cobra XRS9370 Radar Laser Detector

Radar / Radio Band / 14 Cobra XRS 9370 Laser Detector with UltraBright Display, Ultra Compact Design with Enhanced Performance Range and Complex Patterns The XRS 9370 has a digital signal strength screen that can be relatively close to the target. The city / highway selector can reduce counterfeit products in densely populated cities. The sound will be automatically mute and faded when used at night. LaserEye 360 ​​° Detection, KU Range Detection, VG-2 Recognizable / Warning, Specter1 Unrecognizable / Warning, Safety Alarm Warns drivers of emergency vehicles and road hazards thanks to a system equipped with a safety alarm transmitter and memory function. This product meets FCC standards.

Cobra XRS9370 Radar Laser Detector Specs
  • Ultra-fast frequency sweep can provide more detection range, even the fastest radar gun can provide the best advance warning.
  • Popup mode can discover the latest version of Radar Gun POP
  • VG-2 and alerting Specter Alert users if they are detected by a VG2 or Specter I / IV + radar detector
  • In city / highway mode, users can select the operating mode to reduce the frequency of counterfeiting in densely populated urban areas
  • KU range detection mode can detect the Ku range radar guns currently in use in Europe. Be prepared for America
  • The combined device can detect the 14 radar / laser regions, which have a larger range than the previous one
  • High speed sweep can provide additional coverage, even the fastest radar gauge can provide the best alarm

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