Review Fractal Design Define R6 Computer Case
Fractal Design Define R6 Computer Case
The typical FD-CA-DEF-R6-BKO-TG modular design specifies the state of the mid-sized R6 tower computer - noise and speed compute function optimizes ATX with Moduvent technology - interior parts - water cooling - Tg-opaque side wall

Only limited by your imagination. Smooth tempered glass and fully wet steel panels with an elegant push-lock mechanism that wraps around the completely redesigned interior and provides unsurpassed support for component flexibility and storage. Six 3.5 '' / 2.5 '' and 2 '' 2.5 '' drives can be securely placed in unlimited configuration throughout the chassis. Smooth tempered glass and bumper steel plate with elegant push-lock mechanism covering the completely redesigned interior, with unparalleled component support and storage flexibility, six 3.5 '' / 2.5 '' and 2 "5" hard drives can be placed safely In countless configurations throughout the housing.

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