Review GameMax White Diamond ARGB PC Gaming Case
GameMax White Diamond ARGB PC Gaming Case

The GameMax Diamond Medium Tower Bag is available in black or white and simplifies construction. The bag features an excellent design and ventilation holes are suitable for those who want to take it to the next level without destroying capital.

The stunning Diamond Front Panel delivers impressive airflow and stunning lighting effects with an integrated ARGB tape and corner patterns to cast ever-changing game shades. The grille works to increase the system's cooling capacity on the left side of the front panel and allow the fan to absorb as much air as possible.

Sync the fan and RGB LED strips with the 3-pin AURA plugs and sockets. Once the connection has been established, you can easily change the color mode using the LED buttons.

The left panel consists of 3mm clips and edge-to-edge tempered glass so you can show off the architecture and smart lighting.

Diamond has a full-length power supply cover, a separate hard disk drive, and various cutters for managing private cables. You can now create a clean, manageable structure.

This condition is in keeping with the spirit of GameMax and offers style, performance and the ultimate experience.
Review GameMax White Diamond ARGB PC Gaming Case
GameMax White Diamond ARGB PC Gaming Case

GameMax White Diamond ARGB PC Gaming Case Specs
  • Diamond is a beautifully designed PC game case with ATX motherboard and a black or white case that uniquely looks. The diamond-effect front panel and LED strip combined with the ARGB rear fan make diamonds a true sight in any environment.
  • Diamonds provide great cooling options, you can install space on top and top, a total of eight fans can be installed, and the water cooler can be installed on top and top, so that your chassis can cool these advanced components easily.
  • Thanks to the 3-pin ARGB and plugs as well as the SATA power supply, you can easily sync and control the ARGB fan and ARGB tape. Once the connection is made, you can easily change it using the LED button on top of the diamond.
  • 3 mm on the left side of the whole glass panel, the device can be seen from all angles.
  • Use an easy to create design to create your design directly from the box. The full-length power supply board and many cutting tools (four in total) don't make a cable management issue and don't have GPU support. In this case, the design could not be simpler.

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