Review Toshiba 16TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Toshiba 16TB 7200RPM Hard Drive

Toshiba MG08ACA16TE 16TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Capacity: 16 TB Speed: 7200 rpm Interface Type: SATA Size: 3.5 '' x 1.0 '' LFF Hard Disk Sector Size: 512 / 512e Interface: SATA 600-6.0 Gb / s Integrated Cache: 512MB with the latest disk design The 9-stage CD-ROM offers the Toshiba MG08 series with a 16TB magnetic recording capacity (CMR) and 7200 rpm output. The industry standard 5 '' can be seamlessly integrated into cloud-level storage infrastructure, servers and job critical sizes, file and storage solutions. Toshiba's precision industrial laser welding technology is used to seal helium in 9-disc mechanical devices. The advanced CMR recording technology provides a massive 16TB capacity, providing the best application compatibility and data reliability. MG08 series models can be easily integrated into standard 3.5 '' drive bays to reduce cloud and server storage infrastructure and critical storage space and reduce operational load.

Toshiba 16TB 7200RPM Hard Drive Specs
  • Industry standard 3.5 inches 26.1 mm profile height
  • 16TB Classic Magnetic Recording (CMR) with broad compatibility
  • Modern design for 9 helium sealed tablets for excellent storage density
  • Transfer 550 TB per year. Workload
  • EDC 512e or 4Kn technology; (512e) with Toshiba continuous write caching technology to protect data loss in the event of a sudden power outage

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