YAMAY 023 Waterproof Smart Watch 2020
YAMAY 023 Waterproof Smart Watch

YAMAY Smartwatch 2020 version men watch women fitness tracker blood pressure oxygen monitor heart rate monitor ip68 waterproof smart watch compatible with iphone samsung android phone

Heart rate / blood pressure / blood oxygen monitor
This watch can easily track your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen in the blood and is a good health aid for you.
(Note: The blood pressure and oxygen in this table are for reference only and cannot be used for medical purposes.)

Automatic sleep tracking
Automatically track and analyze your sleep time, quality and sleep and can offer deep sleep, light sleep and total sleep time.
It can also wake you up with a vibratory alert and not disturb your family. You are in a good mood to start a new day!

Fitness tracker with 9 sports modes
It supports various sports modes: walking, running, hiking, cycling, windmill, fitness, climbing, spinning and yoga.
After training, check the data (training time, average heart rate, distance, steps and calories) on the smart watch or related applications.

Call message reminder
If your phone is not suitable for some reason, this watch can become your practical companion. You can receive messages, calls, and messages for mobile applications, emails, calendar notifications, and read messages directly on your watch (do not reply to messages) to track important events at all times

Swimming watch IP68 waterproof
This smart watch has an IP68 water resistance indicator and can be worn while washing hands, running or even in the rain.
In addition, the frequency bands can be changed so that you can change them to different colors and patterns as needed.

Music control
Click the watch to play or pause music and change tracks without pulling the phone out of your pocket.
Free your hands when exercising!

Automatic brightness adjustment.
This watch features automatic brightness function.
It is also clearly displayed abroad.

Stopwatch and timer
This watch supports the stopwatch and timer functions to help you improve exercise and exercise.

Long battery life and magnetic charging
When charging the watch, it is very easy to install and remove the magnetic charging method. Full shipping takes about 2 hours and can take up to 10 business days.

YAMAY 023 Smart Watch 2020 Specs
  • [Fitness Tracker] - YAMAY 023 can automatically and accurately track your steps, distance, burned calories, and sleep quality. You can also configure up to 14 sports modes to track different sports accordingly. This watch counts every movement, allowing you to move and stay active.
  • Your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen monitor tank - YAMAY 023 can closely monitor the most important indicators of human health. You can read it in real time directly on the watch and thus help better. Understand your health and adapt to your lifestyle reasonably
  • Smartwatch for iPhone and Android Phones] - This watch is compatible with most smartphones running iOS 8.0, Android 4.4 and later versions and can alert you to new calls, text messages, emails, calendars and applications. You can also read the message directly on the watch. If you are not familiar with your smartphone, do not miss anything important.
  • With long-lasting batteries and waterproof watches for men and women when fully charged (2 hours), you can work up to 7 days more than traditional watches. YAMAY 023 has an IP68 waterproof protection class that can be worn when washing hands, rain and swimming. This watch is light, the bracelet is interchangeable, soft and very comfortable to wear.
  • Practical function] - Supports women's health monitoring, respiratory protection, vibrating alert time, timer, stopwatch, and music control. You can also adjust the screen brightness and change the surface according to your operating environment. This watch can be used as an excellent gift option that makes people healthier, more active and more comfortable.

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