Review ZALMAN X3 ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case
ZALMAN X3 ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case

Zalman Tech Company. , GmbH. Founded in 1999 and introduced to the computer industry with the concept of "noise-free computing". In a world of problematic computers, "quiet cooling solutions" were needed everywhere, which contributed to the rapid growth of Zalman and became the world leader in extremely quiet computer cooling solutions. Zalman continues to lead the industry with major R&D investments, unparalleled knowledge, extensive global marketing and excellent customer service. Zalman pledges to diversify its business through innovations such as FHS-type CPU coolers, powerful and optimized power supplies and compatible with computer coolers and laptop coolers. Zalman is a "great innovator." Zalman also develops computer components like surround sound, dual stereo headsets, gaming mice and mechanical keyboards with game interfaces. ZALMAN X3 is the world's best expert on heat dissipation solutions and a complete IT solution provider. You can use the advanced ase Design C computer, which uses front and side design without tools and is equipped with 4 controllable RGB fans. These fans are synchronized with the pre-installed RGB LED controller for high heat dissipation performance. * 280 mm coolant cannot be installed on x3. The width of the coolant should be 140 mm. If you want to use a cooler greater than 140 mm, be sure to check the distance between the cooler side and the screw holes. If the distance is less than 5, 7, you can install it on X3
Review ZALMAN X3 ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case

ZALMAN X3 ATX Mid-Tower Computer Case Specs
  • Front and side walls without tools
  • Hard glass
  • Pre-installed RGB LED Spectrum Controller and 4 Controllable RGB Fans (Supports 6 Fans)
  • Removable dust filters on the front, bottom, and top.

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