Rock space HDR FHD Dash Cam Car Camera Review
Rock space HDR FHD Dash Cam Car Camera

Rock Space Driving Recorder is your ideal company to drive safely day and night. We always hope to convince customers of satisfactory products and create a better driving experience. One of our main products, the tachograph provides well-equipped drivers a feeling of comfort and safety and has the highest-quality jobs included.

Amazing HD video quality
The FHD Dash camera offers incredibly high video quality up to 1080P FHD. Day and night advanced processors and recording functions that can always capture very clear moments while driving.

Ultra wide width
With a 150-degree wide-angle camera, you can remove blind spots in the field of view and take clearer pictures or more traffic lights around your videos so you feel safe when watching more content.

Super night vision
The dash camera uses a F2.0 aperture, and can continue to record ultra-bright videos in the dark or even dark, and the driving safety at night is significantly improved.

Liquid loop recording
The smooth and continuous recording function ensures new records start automatically and write old ones when the memory card becomes full.
Rock space HDR FHD Dash Cam Car Camera
Rock space HDR FHD Dash Cam Car Camera

G sensor protection
When the burst camera detects a collision or vibration, it is automatically locked to save the recording. You don't need to worry about sudden electric shock, you can use different methods of electric shock.

Advanced WDR technology
With the help of the advanced SONY IMX323 sensor and backup of WDP + HDR technology, the dashboard camera can ensure clarity of photos or videos, especially in poor lighting conditions or backlighting. WDR technology can return everything you see to color.

Rock space HDR FHD Dash Cam Car Camera Specs
  • FHD screen and wide angle F2.0 large aperture, high resolution 1080P HD and wide angle 150 degrees reflection better.
  • The drive recorder, with advanced SONY IMX323 sensor and WDP + HDR backup, can ensure clarity of photos or videos even in the dark of the night. It adapts the highest temperature from -4 ° F to 158 ° F, which means long life and extra stable working performance.
  • With the G-sensor, an intermittent camera, first aid light can detect collisions or sudden vibrations and attach them to the lens instantly. The built-in G-sensor ensures precise and rapid movements and powerful emergencies.
  • Episode Recording and Mass Storage Update By replacing oldest unnecessary video and maintaining unlimited storage space, episode recording is automatically updated. Supports Class 10 micro SD cards from 8 GB to 32 GB.
  • The compact design and guaranteed modulation avoid the compact design of the 2.3 "LCD screen and avoid poor visibility. Simply use the long power cord and 3M dual card to complete windshield installation easily in a second.

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