Samsung SM-P9000ZKFXAR Galaxy Note Pro Tablet
Samsung SM-P9000ZKFXAR Galaxy Note Pro

Bright big screen and impressive entertainment
Ultra HD screen displays amazing details
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro has a large 12.2-inch screen (2560 x 1600) with more than 4 million pixels. Whether you're watching or finishing a high-resolution movie, you'll enjoy vibrant colors, rich graphics, and an incredibly clear screen that weighs just 1.58 pounds, is light and easy to carry, and features the powerful Samsung Earphone, Exynos 5 octa processor for ultra-fast interactions.

Stay efficient with the S Pen and multitasking
Personalize your tablet with configuration files, dashboards, etc.
The built-in Galaxy Note Pro is the home page of the magazine
This feature allows you to create custom on-screen dashboards and instant access to the most used applications and feeds. This provides an easy and convenient way to keep track of everything that is important to you.

The multiple windows function allows you to use up to four different applications at the same time. With one click, you can access all applications with multiple windows and access favorites without having to leave them.

Use the S Pen to take notes and write
Galaxy Note Pro includes Samsung's S Pen, a digital pen that lets you take notes, phone numbers, search terms, contact information and more. on the screen. The S Pen provides precise control and can be linked to the various functions of the S Pen.

Share the tablet with multi-user mode
The multi-user mode is ideal for sharing tablets with family members. Different users can log in separately, so everyone can see your apps, wallpapers and emails only.
Samsung SM-P9000ZKFXAR Galaxy Note Pro Tablet
Samsung SM-P9000ZKFXAR Galaxy Note Pro

Use as a universal remote control

Galaxy Note Pro has a built-in infrared amplifier with which you can use your tablet as a universal remote control. With Samsung WatchON, you can click on zip and cable providers to search for, search for, and view your current TV menu and receive personalized recommendations based on your viewing history.

Business functions for easy collaboration
Increase productivity with apps for large companies and keyboards
With a full-size keyboard and large number of desktop applications, Galaxy Note Pro lets you work anywhere easily. With Samsung Electronics Meetings, you can share screens with colleagues and collaborate in real time, even when there's no meeting room or Wi-Fi connection. Hancom Office Suite is new, but looks very familiar. Powerful word processors, spreadsheets and presentations support common file types so you can manage all of your work anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the integrated wireless printing functionality and the optional keyboard base on every application, you are more productive when using a tablet. In addition, you can easily send documents to any wireless printer using the Samsung Mobile Print app.

Galaxy Note Pro also includes Samsung KNOX to protect confidential information and Samsung Mobile Print application, which can be used to send documents to any wireless printer.

Samsung SM-P9000ZKFXAR Galaxy Note Pro Specs
  • 12.2-inch HD screen with striking detail
  • You can watch movies, play games, browse the web, edit documents, etc.
  • Android 4.4, KitKat OS
  • Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor with excellent performance
  • 13 hours of use per charge
  • Use the Magazine homepage to view all of your favorite feeds and applications
  • With multi-window functionality, up to four apps can multitask with ease
  • With the S Pen, you can save handwritten notes and access shortcuts
  • Including the Samsung Electronics conference, Hancom Office, and Samsung KNOX
  • Back cameras (8 megapixels) and front cameras (2 megapixels) for photo and video chats
  • 64GB internal memory and microSD slot

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