Some iPhone SE parts can be replaced by iPhone 8 parts
Some iPhone SE parts can be replaced by iPhone 8 parts

The mobile dismantling expert, IFixit, has released a preliminary report on the iPhone SE, stating that some internal parts can be replaced with those used in the iPhone 8. This indicates that Apple is ready to reuse designs and parts to lower the price of its cheaper smartphones.

The recently released iPhone SE uses many iPhone design elements before the iPhone X, including the use of (Touch ID) instead of (Face ID).

As with the original release, Apple has taken this step to reduce the total cost of the model and continue to use the existing known parts list that has been demonstrated in the new dismantling process.

The iFixit report shows that many iPhone SE components are easily replaceable. Although this does not apply to elements on the motherboard (such as the A13 processor), it covers other elements that are easy to detach.

In addition to the SIM card compartment, screen reader, screen reader, microphone and proximity sensor, the iPhone SE camera can easily be replaced with the camera used in iPhone 8.

Compared to all the iPhone screens released in recent years, the iPhone SE is also said to be the cheapest when replaced, although True Tone can be supported if maintenance personnel cannot use software screen programming.

The report indicated that the iPhone SE (Home) button cannot be replaced with an iPhone 8 (Home) button or battery because a connector other than iPhone 8 is used.

Although the iPhone 11 battery uses the same connector, the iPhone 11 battery cannot be used in iPhone SE, and if you do not see a warning saying "Original battery except for" "Apple", you cannot use the original iPhone SE battery to replace it with another battery.

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