The leaks indicate Apple's move towards fully wireless design on iPhone devices
The leaks indicate Apple's move towards fully wireless design on iPhone devices

Today, new details about the specifications and functionality of the new generation iPhone are released. The latest leak indicates that Apple will take over the entire wireless design of the iPhone, so the iPhone does not have a USB C or Lightning connector.

As the previous leak revealed the expected design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max this year, the leak of the new generation of iPhone continues, and the latest leak today provides new details about future plans for the future. Apple iPhone.

The new vulnerability comes from analyst Jon Prosser, who recently tweeted that Apple will not provide a USB-C port for a future iPhone, but instead, Apple will support a fully wireless iPhone designed to accommodate future generations of iPhones with no ports.

Projections indicate that Apple can support iPhone 12 phones with Lightning ports and iPhone 2021 will use a wireless design without ports, as this change was developed after the European Parliament's decision last year. Develop a single charger among smart phone manufacturers and use the new version of the smartphones, one charger, to help users.

On the other hand, Apple is trying to keep using Lightning Chargers for iPhone. However, the European Union decided to standardize shipping technology to reduce e-waste. This may lead to Apple choosing wireless charging. Replace iPhones that support USB C charging ports. direction. Among the many mobile phone manufacturers.


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