The new Apple A12Z processor is actually the same as the previous A12X processor
The new Apple A12Z processor is actually the same as the previous A12X processor

A new report from TechInsights confirms that the new Apple processor (A12Z Bionic) included in the new iPad tablet (2020 iPad Pro) is similar to the (A12X Bionic) processor in the 2018 computer model (iPad Pro‌), but in D the other cores are activated in the GPU.

People began speculating that Apple was using the same chip soon after the release of the new iPad Pro model, as initial benchmarks and computer tests indicate that performance has improved slightly compared to iPad Pro 2018 model.

Apple has not focused on changing the performance of the processor, but there is a difference because the A12Z Bionic processor has an 8-core graphics processor, while the A12X Bionic processor has a 7-core graphics processor.

TechInsights information presented in March showed that the A12X Bionic processor had an 8-core graphics processor, but one processor was disabled, indicating that (A12Z Bionic) itself was (A12X Bionic), but it allowed a graphics processor with a previously corrupted core.

One of the changes to the A12Z Bionic processor is the addition of an eighth core to the GPU, Apple said in a press release for the new iPad Pro. However, new information indicates that the company has activated the eighth position in the GPU and changed the name. This catalog applies only to processors.

It should be noted that the chip manufacturers are used to disable the processor core if the chip does not reach the required production level. This may have happened to the processor (A12X Bionic) because chip manufacturing has been fully optimized. This improves productivity and enables all eight cores to be powered, resulting in the introduction of the A12Z Bionic chip.

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