Warning: Zoom sometimes sends encryption keys to China
Warning: Zoom sometimes sends encryption keys to China

Researchers reported that the video conferencing (zoom) application, popular in the new era of the Corona virus, sends data to users in China, and when testing the application, researchers found that the information sometimes contained information used for delivery in North America for protection. Encryption key for the call.

The video trading platform offered an apology and explanation, noting that it has mistakenly set up two positions in the past few weeks to increase the server capacity for a large number of user broadcasts.

"Zoom clients will try to connect to a number of basic data centers in or near the user area during normal operation. If these connection attempts fail due to network or other congestion problems, the customer will come to my center," he said. Managing Director of the company. Officer Erik Yuan said. Much additional data can be used in the list of additional data centers as a potential safety bridge to the zoom platform. ""

"In any case, Zoom customers can get a list of data centers that are appropriate for their region, and the system is very important to Zoom's brand reliability, especially when the Internet is under a lot of pressure," he added. . "

In other words, North American calls must be made in North America and European calls in Europe. Zoom calls this a geographic data center. However, as traffic grows, the network moves traffic to the closest data center with the largest capacity. .

The app shows that this happened in very limited circumstances, but it has not reported the number of affected users. Zoom added that the users of the government plan will not be affected by the occasional redirects.

Searched after a difficult week of video conferencing, I apologize for serious privacy and security issues. The report's authors, Bill Marksack and John Scott Rilton of Citizen Lab, presented their findings. Questions about possible use by American government organizations.

Forbes announced that within a few days at the end of March, US authorities dealing with emerging aura viruses spent $ 1.3 million on magnification technology, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Other government agencies have also purchased technology, including the Federal Foreign Office and the Personnel Management Office, who are victims of a major breakthrough in China. The UK government is also a known user of the app, as it hosts major Cabinet meetings on Zoom.

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