WhatsApp is seeing a sharp drop in the number of forwarded messages
WhatsApp is seeing a sharp drop in the number of forwarded messages

WhatsApp focused on limiting the spread of messages sent on its platform by introducing additional restrictions earlier this month. This has already paid off, while Facebook services said on Monday that broadcast of WhatsApp messages has fallen by 70%. With new restrictions introduced earlier this month, the world will be in a few weeks.

The service made one of the most important changes to its main functions, then said that platform users can now send messages to one person or one group instead of five at one time. By repeating sent messages that are limited to global reach. All of them apply to WhatsApp users, 2 billion users, on April 7.

In a statement to TechCrunch, a WhatsApp spokesperson said: "We previously set a limit to issue a large number of messages forwarded in one conversation, and since this new threshold has been entered we have noticed that the number of messages worldwide has decreased by 70%."

The service introduced a similar limit for the first time in 2018 when it restricted users from forwarding messages to more than five people or groups at the same time, WhatsApp announced a 25% decrease in message forwarding when it announced new restrictions earlier this month on. Reaching the global level in two years.

"With this change, WhatsApp remains a place for private and private chats. The service is designed to manage viral messages," the service spokesperson added. The service describes forwarded messages more than five times as strongly forwarded.

Layoffs should help ease personal control of WhatsApp in many countries, including India, where New Delhi asked WhatsApp, messaging companies, and social media last month to take more action on their control of platforms spreading coronavirus infection. Virus information. Beginners.

The service and parent company, Facebook, have made great efforts in recent months to help governments in many countries, including India, communicate with citizens and publish reliable information about new coronavirus epidemics.

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