Withings Smartwatch Review
Withings Smartwatch

Withings 3700546704499 Steel HR Sport Hybrid Smartwatch (40mm) - Activity Tracking, Sleeping, Fitness, Heart Rate with Connected GPS, Smart Notifications, and Water Resistant (25 days independence)

Motion control
You can choose from over 30 sports to easily activate Sports Mode on your wrist. This leads to temporary activation, continuous heart rate and GPS connectivity. After training, open the Health Mate app to view duration, distance and path maps.

Track your daily activities
Steel HR automatically calculates the number of steps and detects walking, running, swimming or sleeping. It has an analog activity wheel that allows you to see progress at a glance, and record distance and calories at the touch of a button on the digital screen. All data is automatically transferred to the application.

Automatic sleep monitoring
When Steel HR is worn in bed, light and deep sleep cycles, duration and quality of sleep are automatically recorded at each sleep point. Plus, the silent alarm has a smart wake-up function with which you can wake you up at the best time, depending on the sleep cycle.

Heart rate monitor 24/7
With a battery life of 25 days, Steel HR can take 24-hour measurements to fully understand your heart. Enjoy day and night heart rate monitoring and continuous monitoring while exercising.

Record battery life
It can be up to 25 days old. In power reserve mode, it takes an additional 20 days (only for tracking time and activities). You can download more time for moves and less time to download.
Withings Smartwatch Review
Withings Smartwatch

Smart notification
You can stay informed about the integrated digital screen with vibrations and smartphone notifications. Steel HR supports calls, SMS, events and any app you choose.

Water resistance 50 m
Steel HR is a hybrid smart watch that can accompany you to the pool, shower and rain.

The data is at your fingertips
Steel HR seamlessly syncs with the free Health Mate app over bluetooth. See progress, share data, etc. It works with Apple Heath, Google Fit and Strava and the top 100 health and fitness apps.

Fitness level evaluation
Steel HR Sport can estimate race health and at the same time estimate the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 Max). The higher your level, the more practical it becomes.
Withings Smartwatch Review
Withings Smartwatch

Interchangeable belt
If you have multiple regions, you can change the style of dressing in seconds and wear Steel HR.

Withings 3700546704499 Smartwatch Specs
  • Heart Rate Tracking - Continuous heart rate and detailed reports, as well as daily and night human resources can increase your movement
  • Sports mode with GPS connected: Session card can determine distance, altitude, and speed. Use Strava integration now
  • Fitness level - assessment of cardiovascular capacity during the race based on the maximum V02 rating
  • The water-resistant range can be used up to 50 meters in depth for 25 days with a strong stainless steel tray with a single charge
  • Sleep Tracking - Wake up with light, deep sleep cycles, interrupts, depth and regularity and enjoy silent vibration alert
  • Smart notifications - notifications from smartphones for calls, texts, events and applications. Operating temperature -10 to 45 ° C.
  • Nokia Health is now called Witlings. The same product, the same team and commitment to health

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