A new tool that breaks down the protection of any iPhone
A new tool that breaks down the protection of any iPhone

One of the famous teams that invaded the iPhone launched a new "jailbreak" tool that unlocks any iPhone, including the latest model running the latest version of iOS 13.5.

In addition, Apple has retained the "Walled Garden" method for iPhone by only allowing applications and customizations that it accepts. This is why the hackers have tried to get rid of the so-called "prison". In recent years, it is therefore called "jailbreak" or "jailbreak." . Hackers find a previously unused vulnerability in iOS that violates many Apple restrictions that prevent access to essential programs.

Apple said this was done for security reasons. However, users are keen to remove protection because once these restrictions are lifted, they can customize the iPhone just like Android phone users.

The jailbreak tool launched by the unc0ver team supports all iPhones running iOS 11 and later, including iOS 13.5 devices that only last for a week.

The unc0ver team has not released any details about the vulnerabilities used to create the new jailbreak tool. However, this shouldn't take long as Apple worked hard to quickly fix the jailbreak issue.

Security experts generally advise iPhone users not to boycott protection because leaving the "walled garden" greatly increases the risk of penetration.

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