AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam Review
AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam

AKEEYO D7 3-inch front and rear drive recorder, OLED screen 1080P FHD, dual lens recorder with WDR, night vision, GPS, WiFi, loop recording, G sensor

Micro SD Card
This product is already included in the 32GB memory card. However, we recommend that you use a larger card (Class 10 or higher, maximum 128 GB) and replace it in time (about 3 months). If FHD 1080P is defined as two cameras, a 32GB memory card can record approximately 180 minutes of video (estimated).

Front and back cameras are not separate. The viewing angle can be changed flexibly from 0 ° to 55 °. So when you open it for the first time, please change it to your liking and make the camera cover in and out of the car.

GPS viewer
To view videos that contain GPS information, you must first download and install "GPS Viewer" on your computer or laptop. For full instructions on downloading, installing, and running, see the user guide.

Super night vision
Front and back cameras use Sony IMX307 sensor with STARVIS function. This allows the camera to shoot at night or in very dark conditions with clear lenses and more detail.

Wide range of motion

This can improve the sharpness of the image by compensating for increased exposure brightness or areas that change color in the image and improving contrast.

GPS and GPS reader
What can GPS do? Determine your exact location (latitude and longitude), driving speed and direction and use the GPS operator on the map to use your historical driving path.

DashCam launcher
The device is integrated into a Wi-Fi device. This means that you can install the "DashCam Player" application on your phone to view photos, start recording, or change settings.
AKEEYO D7 OLED FHD Dual Lens Car Dash Cam
AKEEYO D7 Dash Cam

Front and rear FHD cameras
Two front and back FHD cameras (1080p), 6 layers of glass and 2 million pixels. The front camera can record the appearance of the car and the rear camera can record the interior of the car. The front or back of the car can be registered at the same time.

3 inch OLED touch screen
The product has a large 3-inch OLED screen and all operations can be performed at the touch of a button without having to press the physical buttons.

Emergency lock
If an external effect is detected, the emergency recording starts automatically and the file is locked.

Endless recording
As long as there is enough space on the memory card, recording continues to record repeatedly and the previous file is automatically deleted.

AKEEYO D7 OLED FHD Dual Lens Car Dash Cam Specs
  • [Dual Lens Rotation Camera]: AKEEYO D7 front and rear cameras have a flexible rotation angle of 55 ° on both sides of the camera, and the angle can be adjusted as needed. Both cameras can offer 2-megapixel 1080p video at 30fps, and sensors from SONY IMX307, which can ensure a better picture quality. Very suitable for Uber and Lift drivers, taxis and trucks.
  • [Superior Night Vision]: Even without additional lighting, the camera can work at night and take enough clear, bright lenses. Therefore, you can solve the problems of using the driving recorder while offline at night and ensure safety.
  • Use GPS to track more information]: The GPS antenna is not required to be purchased separately, but is built into the device. With this kit, you can use the GPS operator to display your vehicle's speed, location, direction, latitude, or longitude on the map.
  • Emergency lock and continuous recording]: Repeated recording allows the device to continue recording with storage space and delete previous files in time. The G-sensor can immediately start emergency recording and lock the shot if it detects a severe collision or collision and avoids duplicate recordings.
  • 3 3 inch OLED touch screen: With the fully sensitive 3 inch OLED screen, you can touch your finger. All operations can be performed by clicking with your finger without having to manually press the physical button.

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