Apple supports its upcoming 5G augmented reality glasses
Apple supports its upcoming 5G augmented reality glasses

In a recent report, upcoming Apple glasses with augmented reality technology are described in detail, as the glasses feature a design that mimics traditional glasses and also supports connection to 5G networks.

Apple has worked hard to develop its own version of augmented reality glasses, and the tech giant recently started publishing information about specs for upcoming glasses.

According to Jon Prosser's statement on 5G networks, PhoneArena was reviewing new details about upcoming augmented reality headsets from Apple as people expect glasses to use mmWave and Sub-6GHz technology.

In contrast to the iPad and Apple Smartwatches models that only support Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple Augmented Reality glasses are only available in a model that supports cellular connectivity.

Apple strives to improve the efficiency and performance of augmented reality glasses to provide better support for users, as they can provide users with the unique functionality of an iPhone, iPad, or Apple smart watch and can provide a seamless experience.

Apple's augmented reality glasses have a number of sensors that can better support virtual screens. These glasses use data collected by sensors from the iPhone or Apple Smart Watch to complete the configuration process.

Apple also offers augmented reality user interface, now called "Starboard", based on QR codes to provide the user with a pure visual experience.

The leak reportedly confirmed that Apple's AR glasses have a design that mimics traditional glasses. As John Prosser emphasized, the glasses are black and white and should be official between 2020 and 2021.


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