China asks America to stop unreasonable repression of Huawei
China asks America to stop unreasonable repression of Huawei

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that the United States should end "unreasonable action" against Chinese companies such as Huawei, while Chinese newspapers said the government was ready to respond to Washington.

The Trump administration took action on Friday to end Huawei's global bid. It raised concerns about China's retaliation and took action against the stocks of US chip manufacturers.

"In response to a question by Reuters whether Beijing will take revenge on the United States, China will vigorously defend the legal rights of its companies," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement to Reuters.

Chinese Global Times quoted sources from the Chinese government on Saturday as saying that Beijing is ready to take a number of countermeasures against the United States, including placing US companies on the "list of unreliable companies" and imposing restrictions on the United States. Companies like Apple and Cisco. Qualcomm.

The source also mentioned the suspension of the Boeing aircraft purchase, according to a newspaper, linked to the ruling Communist Party newspaper, the People's Daily.

Sources say that if the United States continues to implement the plan change plan and prevent major chip suppliers, including Taiwan's TSMC, from selling the chips to Huawei, "China will take strong countermeasures to protect its legitimate rights and interests."

Tensions between the world's two largest economies have increased in the past two weeks. Officials from both sides said that the tedious deal, which wiped out a fierce 18-month trade war, could take place last year 1. It was abandoned a few months after it was signed.

In addition to Huawei's actions, the US Federal Reserve Retirement Investment Committee, which monitors billions of dollars in federal pensions, announced this week that it will indefinitely postpone the investment plans of some Chinese companies under investigation.

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