Chinese group penetrate the governments of the Asian region for years
Chinese group penetrate the governments of the Asian region for years

According to a new report, a Chinese hacking organization has secretly launched a five-year Internet spying campaign against the Asia Pacific government, according to a report by the Cyber ​​Security Corporation (CHIC). Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Brunei. check Point.

Check Point said that Naikon's goal was to collect geopolitical information from diplomatic, scientific and technical services and public companies.

Security researchers first announced the Naikon group in 2015, but Check Point said it had become the focus of attention because there was no new evidence or report on their activities, but the pirate. The activity group was active and active for five years. Speeding up cyber espionage activities in 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

Cybersecurity has not announced whether (Naikon) is related to the Chinese government, but another report, released in 2015 by a Washington-based security company (ThreatConnect), said the organization is the PLA.

According to the report, Naycon is trying to infiltrate government agencies and use the stolen information that I received (such as contacts and documents) to attack other government departments in the country. Check Point said: When it was found that the following content was attached to the email when receiving the malware warning.

When opening the document, the malware attempted to infiltrate the user's computer and download another part of the malware called (Aria-body), and (Check Point) said: This allows hackers to bypass security measures and access this computer remotely or the network as well. .

The group simulated phishing by sending an email with an infected file. The file appears to come from a trusted source (such as a government official), and the group was able to obtain information about previous successful attacks or public data in Save fake email messages. Once this is entered, you can launch other attacks without recognizing the network.

"They wanted to collect information and monitor the country. They have spent the past five years developing their skills and introducing a new electronic weapon from the back door. (Aria Authority)," said Lotem Finkelstein, director of Chic Point.

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