Cisco provided $ 2.5 billion to support business continuity
Cisco provided $ 2.5 billion to support business continuity

As part of Cisco's commitment to helping customers and partners respond to global developments, the company launched a new business continuity plan in the UAE.

The plan was introduced by Cisco Capital, the Cisco Treasury division, to address the financial challenges posed by the crown. The plan provides $ 2.5 billion in funding to organizations around the world to find solutions to maintain business continuity and productivity. Programs to maintain employee safety and support the community in these unprecedented times.

“Cisco customers and partners are under tremendous pressure to maintain business continuity while maintaining productivity and security,” said Cisco President and CEO (Cisco Robbins). “Cisco is committed to taking joint measures to combat this epidemic whether it be in the form of technical solutions or technical solutions, saving money or Support those in need.

Since cash flow has become a major concern for Cisco customers and partners in the current environment, Cisco Capital's new Business Continuity Plan includes 90 days of vacation upfront and enables customers to transfer over 95% of the cost to the new product or solution. Who will keep the business going and increase the cash flow by 2021? Starting January 2021, customers will pay monthly based on the total funded amount and the amount remaining. The plan also includes all Cisco solutions, including hardware, software, and services, as well as up to 5% of partner services (such as installation).

The plan also supports Cisco's global ecosystem of 60,000 partners, and the Business Continuity Plan will help partners offer additional solutions so they can't change their financial standing in today's tough business environment, serving customers well. The plan will accelerate the sales cycle and allow partners to provide payment solutions to their customers to better manage their cash flow.

Cisco Investment also helps customers and partners overcome budget constraints with Sixco Refresh, the Cisco Recycling and Certification product group. Sixo Refresh offers a wide range of products in addition to more discounts and special offers so that customers and partners can easily get used products at fast prices. The Business Continuity Plan also includes the Cisco Refresh solution, which allows 95% of costs to be posted until 2021.

Reem Asaad, Cisco's Vice President for the Middle East and Africa, said, “In the current global environment, companies around the world face common challenges. The UAE government has made continuous efforts to ensure business continuity and public security on behalf of the local Cisco business continuity plan products, show our efforts Joint ventures to support local projects, and our goal will continue to enable companies to develop network infrastructure and collaboration without having to worry about financial constraints during these times Cisco is committed to improving every business. Man and maintain activity, productivity and safety. "

The Cisco Capital business continuity plan is part of Cisco's overall commitment to supporting customers, partners, and communities throughout the Alkala’s pandemic. The company has provided $ 225 million in cash and in kind and plans to provide funds to support global and local responses. . This includes technical and financial support for nonprofits, first aiders, and government agencies. CIXO is also committed to supporting customers and partners through Webx and free security products so they can stay in touch and maintain productivity during this time.

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