Elon Musk threatens to drive Tesla out of California
Elon Musk threatens to drive Tesla out of California

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, has left the company to sue the county and move its headquarters to Texas or Nevada after Alameda County health officials warned Tesla not to reopen the plant. California car.

A few hours later, Tesla's attorneys filed a lawsuit against the district in the San Francisco Federal Court, claiming that the court's decision against the county government violated the governor's order and restricted work on `` important federal infrastructure. ''

Elon Musk tweeted: "Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the Alameda boycott of the behavior and leader of the unelected and ignorant temporary health worker in Alameda, the president. Our constitutional freedom is against common sense."

Misk openly criticized the use of the new Corona virus at his home, saying on April 29 when the company’s financial results were announced that the restrictions were fascist, not democratic. ""

A spokesman for Alameda County said in a statement: The district medical services and the Ministry of Health are working closely with the Tesla team in Fremont to implement a safety plan that allows reopening while protecting the health of the thousands of employees who live at work at the Tesla plant.

Tesla Corporation announced plans to continue the limited operation of the Fremont plant, which will return approximately 30% of its workforce. Alameda county officials said the company is still pending and does not authorize Tesla to reopen it. the condition.

California Governor Gavin Newsome said that the state-level policies that allow production to continue production will not replace district-level restrictions, but Tesla has tried to argue that its production should be an important basis for enterprises.

Tesla temporarily closed the Fremont plant. On March 23, Tesla assembled vehicles of Forms 3, S, X, and Y by order of the host family, and, starting April 13, reduced the wages of all government-paid employees.

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