Eric Schmidt who made Google transform into a tech giant
Eric Schmidt who made Google transform into a tech giant

Eric Schmidt led Google's transition from a startup to a global giant and is no longer a consultant to parent company Alphabet, which is yet another milestone in the latest employee turnaround and speaks to former company founder the group left and Schmidt. He was appointed Google CEO in 2001 and was a Technical Advisor in February.

Schmidt ended his 19-year career on Google after leaving the company because he was appointed as the company's youth founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. A senior executive founded Google at Stanford University in 1998.

Schmidt left three years after announcing that he would step down as CEO and is no longer the manager. His departure is another step in Google's development and Schmidt's participation in government projects. Conflict of interest problems arose and after Larry's move at the end of last year, Big came and led Sergey Brin on the Sundar Pichai alphabet. He has been conducting basic research since 2015.

David Drummond, who served as the company's legal director for 14 years, retired in January after carefully studying previous relationships.

With the original management leaving, employees and industry watchers questioned whether the world's largest search engine (with more than 120,000 employees worldwide) could keep its famous culture free. Over the past three years, tensions between management and employees have continued to escalate claims of artificial intelligence on sexual misconduct against executives, the China Search Engine Supervision Project and the US Department of Defense initiative.

After Schmidt resigned from his position as CEO in 2011, his role on Google gradually weakened, but Schmidt cemented his work in U.S. military operations and his relationship with the company sparked a negative reaction, and he led the group. Advise on providing technology to the Pentagon of the Defense Innovation Council, including advances in machine learning.

Schmidt was also chair of the National Security Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the United States, which advises Congress on artificial intelligence in defense. Critics fear, however, that Schmidt will mistakenly announce Google if he works with the military. Financial benefits.

New York Governor Andrew Como said earlier this month that Schmidt would chair a committee to modernize state technology infrastructure and practices during and after the Corona pandemic. Schmidt said: The group will discuss telemedicine, the Internet, broadband internet and distance education.

The appointment also raised concerns about the impact of tech giants on the public sector, especially given the fact that Google had previously exposed data protection scandals.

Eric Schmidt joined Google after becoming CEO of Novell Software Manufacturing. During the Schmidt period, the company's activity evolved from search engines to processing other technologies, especially mobile phones and online video clips.

Google has also introduced an institutional structure that reflects increased financial success. Schmidt helped the company transform into a company listed on the NASDAQ in 2004, and Schmidt was the CEO of Google. The executive branch remained in the position for ten years, then was promoted to the position of General Manager of the Board of Directors.

In 2015, the company suddenly reorganized it and established a major company called Alphabet for Google. Schmidt also became the CEO of the new company's board of directors. Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) was promoted again in 2017. From this position, he worked as a technical advisor on technology issues, but he retired in February this year.

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