Facebook and Instagram generate revenue to cover and support small businesses
Facebook and Instagram generate revenue to cover and support small businesses

Facebook has announced new features that enable users to offer support to small businesses and receive the latest updates to help these companies deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (COVID-19).

The social network has created a new section called "Nearby Business", where users can share the latest business news in a specific geographic area from one mile to 500 miles. You can also view current hours of operation, transfer options, make reservations, or send messages.

Facebook described the new section in an article as a way to enable users to "find essential products and services faster" and help companies "get more virtual traffic while they go online to continue working". "".

If users want to express support for small businesses, they can use the Instagram "Support for Small Businesses" poster or the Facebook #SupportSmallBusiness tag.

The company also tried to facilitate communication between the company and its customers by adding a professional inbox to the messaging app (so that they could use Messenger to answer questions sent to their Facebook page) and to allow the company that marked all the signs. (Covid-19) comes from the architectural field of this the page.

In addition, Facebook has announced that it will publish information, tools and recommendations for Small Business Events (Covid-19) in Facebook and Instagram applications. Companies can access this information via Facebook app links or Instagram profiles.

Note that these changes are based on the $ 100 million Small Business Grant Program that Facebook announced in March of last year and includes other new features, such as the ability to share temporary service changes.

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