Facebook has renamed Calibra Digital Wallet to Novi
Facebook has renamed Calibra Digital Wallet to Novi

Facebook has changed its name to Calibra in the hope that its digital wallet will be used to access Libra digital coin in one day and become Novi. The company said in a message: the new name is inspired by the Latin words novus and (via).

(Novi Financial) is the new name for the Facebook affiliate that has developed the company's digital asset portfolio. The new name is the latest in a series of Facebook changes to the digital currency plan. Since the announcement in June last year, the change has come under strong organizational pressure.

When Facebook revealed the Libra cryptocurrency project, there were two separate entities: the Liberian Society (a non-profit organization that oversees everything related to Libra coin) and (Calibra), a Facebook branch through its relationship with Libya. Mergers and acquisitions create a scale-based portfolio. WhatsApp and Messenger.

Although the social media giant initially said that there will be a Liberian currency linked to a group of national currencies, he is now planning to combine multiple digital currencies and multiple personal currencies other than Liberia, and said: Novi): "These currencies can contain in The original is on the dollar, pound, and euro.

After the original Calibra logo was controversial for the first time when it was first announced due to its similarity to the existing logo of the app, the Facebook Digital Wallet has a new logo in addition to the new name.

Despite these changes, Facebook said that the task of (Novi) and (Balance) will remain the same, as it is supposed to be sending money as easily as sending messages, and it is planned to develop an application and service (Novi) with WhatsApp cut off. Integrated version. And Messenger which allows users to send money to their contacts.

Facebook said: Users should use the government issued ID to subscribe to the service, but it promises no hidden charges for transportation and users can get 24/7 chat support.

By changing the Calibra brand to Novi, the social media giant has tried to make it clear that the Libra project itself is not a Facebook project, but only a member of the Libera Association and dozens of other members. Like Uber and Spotify.

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