Facebook launches the CatchUp Voice Call app with unique functions
Facebook launches the CatchUp Voice Call app with unique functions

Facebook's internal R&D department has launched a new app called CatchUp that can be used to coordinate phone or conference calls for up to 8 people.

The system developed by the NPE (Ketchup) team is different from other existing messaging applications. It is limited to voice calls instead of videos, and only highlights available users. The app also contains features that can be used without a Facebook account and only applies to the phone's contact list.

The idea of ​​the app will be inspired by the Houseparty service, especially because users can use it to indicate when they can communicate with others. As with a home party, Ketchup displays the phrase "ready to call" to indicate that the user is available. The phrase appears at the top of the home page, and offline users and other contacts appear at the bottom.

As for the reason for launching the app, Facebook said that people are no longer calling. Because they do not know if the other side is ready to talk and do not want to occupy the other side. With the increasing use of video calls, voice calls are still associated with users who are not always ready to appear in video calls.

Similar to other chat apps, users can also create friends and family groups and communicate with each other in the app. Or they can only call two people instead of using the phone. The app also includes privacy features that allow users to configure contacts that can participate in individual and group calls.

Please note that (ketchup) is currently being tested in the U.S. only for Android and iOS devices.

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