Facebook offers all users a promising Messenger Rooms service
Facebook offers all users a promising Messenger Rooms service

Facebook announced today (Thursday) that Messenger Rooms' new video conferencing service is now available to users all over the world almost 20 days after the announcement.

The social media giant announced the service on April 25. In addition to extending the direct transmission functionality into its various services, it also works on group videos about the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Take advantage of the increased demand for chat services. nineteenth

With the new video conferencing service, Facebook has taken the first step towards integrating its instant messaging service, since the new service is not only limited to messaging app users, but users of Instagram and WhatsApp services can also join the hangout.

Facebook said at the end of last month in a statement: The (Messenger Rooms) service allows up to 50 users to answer a call, but its design will be similar to that of the service, with only 16 participants appearing. On the desktop screen, 8 participants on mobile devices will appear on-screen display (Zoom game.

The advantage of the messaging service is that Facebook users can share links. These links allow users from outside the network to participate in service calls through web browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices, so there is no need to download applications or create accounts like other services. There is no maximum talk time.

With the introduction of the messaging service, Facebook has joined many companies that are gradually entering the video conferencing services market after millions of people all over the world who have been forced to stay at home suddenly become totally dependent on digital services, studies and social life.

Facebook director (Stan Shodnovsky) announced earlier that the product was scheduled to launch in the third and fourth quarters of this year. However, Facebook noticed the high demand for conference calls during the shutdown, so it was launched soon. Facebook said in a statement: 700 million users make calls every day via messenger and WhatsApp services.

It should be noted that Microsoft, Google and Zoom, which have video conferencing services, quickly released updates that attract users.

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