Google has announced that Chrome will launch a number of features soon
Google has announced that Chrome will launch a number of features soon

Google announced today (Tuesday) that Chrome offers many new features that make the browser more secure and private.

In addition to collecting tags and ads that automatically prevent the battery from discharging, the browser will also receive many security and data protection improvements.

The tech giant of America said in an article that the next version will change the user interface in the coming weeks to prevent users from accessing suspicious websites, safer DNS services, cookies, or so-called externals. To fill. In incognito mode.

In the next release, Google wants to make it easier for users to access certain buttons and settings, especially cookies settings, data protection settings, extensions, and Google Sync settings.

One of the upcoming changes to the browser is the "security check" tool. Although this tool is already there, Google will expand it to allow password violations. If a user uses the Chrome password storage tool, the browser can notify them when the user's website is compromised.

Google will also provide a new option called (Improve Safe Browsing) in the upcoming Chrome browser. If this option is activated, users will share URLs that Google does not share in real time. This is because Google has found fraudsters registering and using new high-speed phishing sites.

Google said: This option is also combined with the information retrieved from your personal Gmail account and (driver). For example, if Gmail detects spam emails with obscure links, this option can tell Chrome that the website is a phishing site when a user clicks on the website.

Another new feature is HTTP-over-HTTPS activation, a method of encrypting data using HTTPS to improve user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping and protecting DNS data. Against the attacks (the man in the middle).

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