Google introduced basic features for organizing Chrome tabs
Google introduced basic features for organizing Chrome tabs

Google announced today (Wednesday) the launch of a new feature that allows Chrome browser users to easily organize open tabs together, regardless of number or number.

Blog Post says there is now a new tech giant named Tab Groups that can be used in the beta version of Chrome Beta.

Google added that you can select (add a tab to a group) by right-clicking between the tabs, then selecting the group name and color, and adding the tab to the group using the same options. To display group names is available to group similar tabs.

The company said it tested features (tab sets) a few months ago and found that some users liked group tabs according to topics like work, shopping and more.

Since the name of the tab group appears separately, the tabs are added to the left side of each tab so that users can use this feature while working and drag the final items to the task tabs.

Because Chrome and its stability are very important to Google, the company announced that it will launch new functionality in the next version of the browser next week. This feature can be used on desktop (Chrome OS) and Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download Chrome Beta browser today to try it out.

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