America accuses hackers associated with China of stealing Corona research
America accuses hackers associated with China of stealing Corona research

US officials have invaded the US authorities investigating the treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) and urged scientists and public health officials to beware of digital theft, US officials said Wednesday.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement: The FBI is investigating the digital penetration of "network participants" associated with China in the US authorities, who are "trying to locate" valuable intellectual property surveillance, public health data related to vaccines, treatments, online tests and employees . Associated with relevant research (Covid-19) and obtained illegally.

The statement did not include any other details about the target or the identity of the intruder. China has not rejected this claim, but has repeatedly rejected old allegations of American cyber espionage.

According to public network files reviewed by Reuters and three cyber security researchers, Iranian-linked pirates have targeted Gilad Science Inc. and other countries in recent weeks. An attempt to penetrate American institutions. Treatment of emerging coronaviruses (Covid-19).

Reuters reported in recent weeks that infiltrators with ties to Iran and other organizations have tried to attack the World Health Organization. Infiltrators linked to Vietnam contacted the Chinese government for information about its management of the coronavirus epidemic.

The United Kingdom and the United States warned earlier this month that government-sponsored hackers are targeting pharmaceutical companies and research institutes devoted to treating the new disease.

At the time, the joint statement did not reveal which organization had been attacked, but two people familiar with the situation said: One of the targets is Gilad - his antiviral drug is the only treatment that has been shown to help COFED patients, 19).

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