Google plans to launch Pixel 5 without Motion Sense
Google plans to launch Pixel 5 without Motion Sense

The latest search report report confirms the search giant's plan to launch the next-generation Pixel 5 without motion detection, and Google is improving the company's current version of Pixel 4.

Google has launched a range of Pixel 4 phones with a host of innovative features and technologies (including motion detection). However, the Pixel 4 phones did not achieve the expected sales due to the short battery life. The lack of wide cameras in the camera settings and phone design.

The 9to5Google vulnerability indicates that Google plans to restore the main design language of Pixel phones when the Pixel 5 series was released. So Google abandoned the next release of Motion Sense technology. The vulnerability confirmed that Google Pixel 5 does not support radar chipsets with Soli.

The Soli technology of the Pixel 4 cell phone allows users to approach the cell phone to constantly brighten the screen and activate the face detection sensor for recording when capturing the cell phone. Soli also supports remote waving of the phone to perform certain tasks. For example, rejecting the call or skipping the audio track.

On the other hand, Motion Sense technology is the reason for the complaint of some users, as the technology weakens fast battery charging and radar technology has limited task technology on the Pixel 4 phone and this is due to lack of compliance with technical specifications Radar technology is also the reason that prevents the sale of mobile phones in markets Certain. Follow the regulations and laws of some countries.


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