Google will launch Android 11 on June 3
Google will launch Android 11 on June 3

Google announced on Wednesday that there will be an online event for the beta release of Android 11 next month, which will take place on June 3 at 8:00 AM PDT and will include addresses from Google executives, including Android engineering deputies. President. After that, the company, chief product manager Stephanie Cobbertson Dave Burke (Dave Burke) will host live Q&A sessions and technical conferences for developers.

Google usually releases new versions of Android at the Google I / O conferences, the company's annual developer conference, and the biggest event of the year. However, due to the spread of the Coruna virus, this march was canceled this year.

Google has released developer reviews for Android 11, a beta release of the system, for application programmers prior to the comprehensive release of Android 11.

With a new feature in Android 11, users can save location data, and apps can access microphones and cameras at the same time, rather than giving developers more access to information.

With Android 11, the app can also check the call to avoid unnecessary calls, and the app can check call status (mobile phone / vibration). The system also records the reason the user rejects the call (if the user has given an authorization) and the app. You can check if the call came from someone, their contacts, or the content of the external number.

Android is the world's leading mobile operating system, and about nine-tenths of the smartphones shipped worldwide are Android. However, the biggest challenge facing Google with the new version of Android is the rights to access the user version, companies and telecom devices. Manufacturers can use it to slow down the process.

Google has not published the user number for the previous version of Android 10 on the system. When the company last updated its version number in May 2019, it installed Android 9 only. The latest iOS 13 is used on 10.4% of Android phones, with the three previously released versions accounting for 10.4% of Android phones compared to 77% of iPhone devices.

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