Huawei launches alternative petal search engine for Google
Huawei launches alternative petal search engine for Google

Chinese giant Huawei launched PETAL, the alternative search engine from Google, which can now be downloaded from the AppGallery Store.

The U.S. ban imposed many restrictions on Huawei, and, due to U.S. sanctions, prompted Huawei to search for alternatives to use services and technologies. Today, Huawei is taking additional steps to replace Google services with special services.

Huawei announced today that it has paid Google to replace its PETAL search engine. The service is now available for download as the PETAL search engine has the main search function and displays the latest news, weather reports, videos, music and books in addition to downloadable applications, and Huawei confirmed that it plans to search for PETAL in the future to develop the search engine.

The Chinese giant started developing the PETAL search engine about a year ago, as the search engine was widely known during Huawei's first search engine test and the search engine system was also tested from February 2020. Today, the fixed version of Huawei Download can be applied from the App Store There is a search engine available. PETAL is now available for download in all countries.


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