Intel has announced the fastest gaming desktop processor
Intel has announced the fastest gaming desktop processor

Intel today announced a new family of the fastest-performing Comet Lake-S desktop gaming processors.

Comet Lake-S series processors include Core i9, Core i7, Core i5 as well as Core i3, including the highest 10-Core Core i9-10900K processor with 20 threads and TDP 125 W. Front and speed up to 5.3GHz, with confirmation Intel as the fastest processor in the world.

The new processors for the Comet Lake-S series are based on a 14 nm manufacturing accuracy and Skylake Engineering. However, Intel introduced a new and improved product line that could increase the number of cores and the number of cores compared to the 9th generation chipset based on the same architecture. the speed.

The Intel Core i9-10900K processor costs $ 488, the Core i7 10700K 374 processor has eight cores, 16 teeth, and the main speed can be increased to 3.8GHz to 5.1GHz.

On the other hand, the processor core i6-10600K chip costs $ 262 with 6 cores with 12 teeth, a main speed of 4.1 GHz and a main frequency of 4.8 GHz.

In addition, the rapid performance of the new release of the Comet Lake-S product line supports some new Intel technologies, including Turbo Boost 3.0 and "Thermal Velocity Boost", which provides increased support for processing the processor speed at 70 ° C to save energy. The new processor has DDR4-2933 memory, up to 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet and supports connecting to Wi-Fi 6 networks.

It is worth noting that Intel has also introduced 65W lower speed processors compared to 10th generation products, especially i9, i7, i5 and i3 processors, which are also equipped with 35W series processors slower than previous versions.


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