Lykus WSC-1 Solar-Powered Security Camera Review
Lykus WSC-1 Solar-Powered Security Camera

Lykus WSC-1 Wyave external solar camera is a simple and effective solution for detecting short incidents (theft, violations, etc.), notification and recording. The camera uses a PIR sensor so it can detect movement more accurately than conventional surveillance cameras. Since it is powered by batteries and at the sun end, cable and charging problems are avoided. However, it was also found that the camera was not suitable for continuous monitoring and recording. The camera remains inactive until the user calls the live view or the PIR sensor detects movements.

Install and exit
Compared to other cameras that require wiring and charging, the camera can work perfectly on solar and radio, which is a better solution. The compact solar module design looks clean and easy to install. We recommend using the cable to fully charge the battery before activating the battery for the first time.

Watch HD Live and record anytime, anywhere via the app
With our mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android, you can watch 1080P videos day and night in real time. The app also allows you to take snapshots and record videos on your phone.

32 GB of free local storage and 30 days of cloud storage
The camera comes with a 32 GB SD card to store the recorded videos. When accessing the live demo or motion detection page, recording begins.

 Motion detection is more reliable
Conventional cameras can only detect movement if they know whether their vision has changed or not, so many false alarms have been issued and are actually unusable.

With the help of PIR sensors, this camera can filter out most unnecessary movements, for example b- branches blowing in the wind. It detects changes in temperature (IR) in heat sources in a hot eye like the human body. As a result, sending relevant application notifications and recording videos is more effective. Depending on the environment in which the camera is located, false alarms always occur.

Built-in speaker and microphone
Call the kids in the backyard for dinner, warn the suspects outside, and ask the driver or post office worker to leave him at the door. Simply chat with the people in the app.

LED lights improve night vision and darkness
Conventional cameras can capture night vision, but they can only take black and white pictures and you can't understand what they are.

This LED camera can display colorful scenes in the dark and help you decide what you see. Sometimes you can also open it at night to light up the house.
Lykus WSC-1 Solar-Powered Security Camera Review
Lykus WSC-1 Solar-Powered Security Camera

Works without internet AP mode

In some cases, for example, when observing animals in protected areas, researchers can visit the website regularly to review videos of potential animal activities.

In AP mode, the camera sends a radio signal so you can call and view it through the app.

Lykus WSC-1 Solar-Powered Security Camera Specs
  • The wireless is free, free and as simple as possible. This camera is equipped with a 10,000mAh battery and a built-in 5W solar panel, which can be used to avoid and operate wiring problems.
  • Use our mobile app to watch and watch 1080p HD video in real time, day and night. The cloud server for the application relies on Amazon AWS to provide a quality service. After the free 30-day use period, there is no monthly fee for camera use, except for cloud storage. We offer a free 32GB microSD card for local storage so users can view all records by date.
  • Improved PIR motion detection. The built-in PIR sensor can detect infrared changes within 8 meters and turn on recording and application notifications. Warning: Due to device warnings, the waiting time between mobile phone and registration ranges from 2 to 3 seconds, while notifications for mobile devices and applications take 4 to 5 seconds. This camera is not suitable for critical time scenes.
  • Two bright LED spotlights can be used as two outdoor lights for front or garden door lighting. If you watch live recordings at night, you can also see things more clearly. The aluminum alloy casing and camera holder make it a true outdoor camera (IP66) that lasts for many years and carries rain and snow.
  • The camera supports AP mode without internet. Users can still display recorded broadcasts and videos in real time on a MicroSD card by directly connecting to the wireless camera signal.

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