Mark Zuckerberg was concerned about China's influence on Internet regulation
Mark Zuckerberg was concerned about China's influence on Internet regulation

Mark Zuckerberg once again warned China of how China is regulating Internet services, and Facebook CEO said he was concerned that the practice of reusing the Chinese model with other countries might worry. The Chinese model is very dangerous in direct discussion with the European Marketing Commissioner. Inside (Thierry Breton).

Zuckerberg said: "What worries me is that now I think there are two very different framework conditions that are supported by different values. I think there is a model for China and China." In other countries, the values ​​of these countries are Western countries completely different from democracy, and I am afraid that others in these countries try to imitate the methods of Internet monitoring in China. ""

Facebook CEO urged Western countries to use democratic alternatives to counter China's practices and welcomed the reform of the GDPR of 2018 to the Data Protection Act in Brussels. He claims that these fixes have caused Facebook to change globally. His position on data confidentiality.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Facebook billionaire founder China has been warning. The protests.

Zuckerberg and Bretton discussed everything from how social platforms deal with misinformation to judgment. The Facebook CEO said he believed cooperation between technology companies and the government was inevitable.

Facebook recently announced the top 20 board members. An independent agency can revoke a company's content management decision, even if it does not agree with Zuckerberg's own decision.

Zuckerberg said that the company has also begun describing error messages about corona viruses and warns that the content is incorrect: 95% of users who see such sensitive content stay out of the content.

But Bretton told Zuckerberg that the EU could impose more regulation on things like market power over the tech giant, and the EU’s internal market commissioner said: “We are not the people we need to be. Adaptation, but on the other side.”

The European Union has made technical regulations a priority before the epidemic and plans to regulate artificial intelligence and help European companies use their industrial data.

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