Mask attacks Amazon and demands its dismantling due to a book
Mask attacks Amazon and demands its dismantling due to a book

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, well-known entrepreneur (Elon Musk), tweeted Thursday that it was time to dismantle Amazon.

Author (Alex Burnson) posted a tweet in a screenshot showing that Amazon disagrees with its next book on Emerging Halo Viruses (COFID-19) and COVID-19. Because it does not follow his sales guidelines. Burnson criticized the stopping caused by the virus, and said that the risk of contracting the disease is much lower than reported, especially for young people.

"This is crazy (Jeff Bezos)," Musk said in a first tweet. Then he followed and sent another tweet. He said: "Time to destroy the Amazon. Absolute monopoly is wrong." As for Amazon, it was said later: this book was erased from errors, and he returned and added that Ningson was contacted.

During the halo virus epidemic, Musk was a major critic of U.S. government policy. He posted a tweet expressing his support for the country's reopening, and during a Tesla conference on the phone with investors, Misk said that staying at home was fascist.

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