Microsoft celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Solitaire game launch
Microsoft celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Solitaire game launch

Microsoft is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the popular card game and takes the opportunity to announce the current number of users of one of the most popular video games in history.

The American tech giant launched the game (Single Card Game) on May 22, 1990. The company announced in an article that the game still had 35 million players per month.

Microsoft introduced the game in 1990 as part of the Windows 3.0 operating system. It was specially developed to teach users how to use the mouse, since dragging and dropping a virtual card in a specific location can teach the user the principle. Drag and drop into Windows. The principle is still in use and is very important. Nowadays.

(Single Solitaire) is one of the most played games in the world since it was released with each version of Windows for more than two decades, which means that it is already available on more than one billion computers. The game was still available until the Windows Embedded version of Windows. (Windows 8).

And because it still plays an active role with millions of people around the world today, With its wide appeal, Microsoft released the product in more than 65 languages ​​and was praised in more than 200 markets. It had its first major update in 2012 and it was removed from Windows 8 as a standalone app. The new app includes five new gameplay modes, daily challenges, competitions, Xbox Live integration, and even difficulty choosing.

Microsoft has restarted Solitaire 2015 as part of Windows 10 and can also be used in major operating systems as it can be downloaded to run on the following systems: Windows, Android, iOS and all the web.

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