Motorola introduces the MOTO E LE soon
Motorola introduces the MOTO E LE soon

Motorola is preparing to launch a new version of its smartphone called Moto E LE soon, which will replace the Moto E6 in its tracked production chain on the Verizon website.

Motorola Moto E LE will soon be added to the budget category mobile phones, as it is expected to be updated according to the specifications of the previous company Moto E6.

The leak suggests that the Moto E LE runs on Android 10 and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor chip, an upgrade to the Snapdragon 435 chip used in Moto E6.

Moto E LE also supports 3550 mAh battery. The screen also supports 1520 x 720 pixels. However, the leak does not confirm the size of the screen in the phone, and the leak indicates the size of the phone, which is 8.6.25 mm (76.25) which is 159.77, so it is different. It has a longer design than the Moto E6.


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