Origin reveals EON17-X and NS-17 device updates
Origin reveals EON17-X and NS-17 device updates

Origin PC announced the launch of new versions of EON17-X and NS-17 laptops with 10th generation Intel desktop processors.

The EON17-X gaming laptop and NS-17 workstation launched a 10th-generation Intel processor with 10 cores and 20 threads.

EON17-X and NS-17 also have desktop performance developed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Max-P, and it supports high bandwidth connections through Thunderbolt 3 port, increasing the speed achieved competition with desktop computers.

These processors Intel hardware used i10 to 10900K from Generation X to help players and professionals to run professional programs similar to the performance of desktop PCs.

Thanks to the design of Max-P customizable tracking technology and radiation in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX SUPER 2080, the new device also offers a graphical group that can keep up with the efficiency and performance of the office. It offers a unique gaming experience. EON17-X also supports storage until the next day. Supports 64GB RAM and 128GB RAM in DDR4.

The device also offers a variety of screen options, and supports NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, 17.3-inch screen size, 1080p resolution, 240Hz frame rate, and another option that also includes 17.3-inch screen size and 4K UHD screen. Screen Quality (Support) 60Hz refresh rate, 100% Adobe RGB color, EON17-X and NS-17 models from $ 2599.


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