Review 2020 Newest Acer 21 FHD LCD Monitor
2020 Newest Acer 21 FHD LCD Monitor
Acer 21.5 "21.5" Full HD LCD screen for business and student travelers, 16.9, IPS, 4ms response time, 75Hz, 16.7M colors, HDMI and VGA connections, with Ghost Manta accessories

2020 Newest Acer 21 FHD LCD Monitor Specs
  •   The 21.5-inch IPS wide screen combines elegant and high-definition functions with the excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080, so you can enjoy entertainment and high-resolution games in the comfort of your home. AMD Radeon FreeSync and 4ms fast response time emphasize advanced technology.
  • It also has multiple inputs (HDMI and VGA) to improve compatibility. The Kensington hatch protects your investment and Energy Star compatibility, helping you to save money and energy.
  • Improve comfort: work comfortably according to your desires. Customize the display with flexible adjustable functions (including adjustable and tilted supports). Not compatible with VESA support.
  • Aspect Ratio -16: 9. Supported colors -16.7 million. Ghost Manta accessories include an HDMI cable, a USB extension cable, and a mouse pad.
  • Response time over 4ms, can produce smooth, clear and crisp images without blurring. Refresh rate: HDMI connection at 75Hz.

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