Review Allcall GT 4G Waterproof GPS Smart Watch
Allcall GT 4G Waterproof GPS Smart Watch

Allcall GT 4G Smart Watch Phone Big Battery Flip Life Open Waterproof GPS Dual Camera 1.6 inch Round Width Long Battery Big Memory 3 GB RAM 32 GB ROM 24h Heart Rate Monitor

Make calls and send text messages without a phone
Use data quickly and smoothly and you can freely listen to music, download apps, view fitness and health data, check flights, cloud sync notifications, etc. on your smart watch. It calls SOS function 911 and shares your location (you need to connect the SIM card).

Face open
GT looked at the first smartphone watch that uses face recognition technology. The algorithm used covers 1068 facial features, and the smartwatch can be unlocked by simply raising your hand. This is convenient and practical and better protects your privacy. (Set more faces to unlock)

The largest battery and unlimited travel
To get the best battery life for GT watches, the team works tirelessly and outperforms high-quality and highest quality products in the industry and comes with a large 1260mAh battery so you never have to worry about the battery level.

A strong heart brings quality fun
3RAM + 32ROM memory, big memory hour, you can install all necessary applications according to your requirements, like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

Dual camera, HD
The Watch GT on the side is equipped with a 8.0 MP camera that records all the good times around you. The 2.0MP front camera allows you to chat and take photos with family members.
Review Allcall GT 4G Waterproof GPS Smart Watch
Allcall GT 4G Waterproof GPS Smart Watch

You can move the belt as you like

GT watch contains a variety of bracelet parts. You can replace it in a few simple steps. Your watch is now fully functional.

Allcall GT 4G Waterproof GPS Smart Watch Specs
  • Use only two 4G / LTE smart watches: You can make calls after the watch is inserted into the SIM card
  • Long battery life - Dual layer ALOMED / LCD screen: If the battery capacity is 1260 mAh, it can be used normally for one or two days. In sleep mode, it can be used for 3 to 5 days. You do not have to travel with a charger.
  • Big Memory: RAM3GB, ROM32GB, you can install your favorite apps like Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, Linkedin etc. The watch is equipped with two cameras to meet your photo storage needs.
  • Face unlock: the industry's first smart watch that supports face recognition, the smart watch with face recognition technology and the algorithm used with 1068 face functions. Your smart watch can be unlocked by simply lifting it by hand. Comfortable, practical and better protects your privacy.
  • Best external smart watch: water-resistant, dust and spray IP67, so you don't need to worry about rain when going out. It has a built-in GPS that can record each of your walking steps. Is there a problem with the watch?

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