Review AOC CQ34G2 G2 Series FHD Curved Monitor
AOC CQ34G2 G2 Series FHD Curved Monitor

AOC CQ34G2 Frameless Curved Display, UltraWide FHD 2560x1080, VA 1500R Panel, 1ms MPRT, 75Hz, FreeSync, Height Adjustment, 3 Invalid Pixels

AOC Gaming CQ34G2 is considered the best in its class. Offers a curved design in an elegant 1500 R gaming console, colorful VA card and 1ms fast response time (MPRT). Users whose image quality is up to 75Hz, game speed of 75Hz, and 1ms response time (MPRT) need updating, giving your game unprecedented smoothness and smoothness and responding almost instantly to mouse and keyboard movements, AMD FreeSync AMD FreeSync can sync Screen and AMD graphics processor for the computer to avoid screen tearing and input delay, allowing uniform display. The fastest and fastest visually stunning gaming experience. Almost every corner can have a sleek and bright design. Frameless 3D color design and VA palette can have vibrant and uniform colors from almost any angle, and the look is fashionable. AOC CQ34G2 can color range over 119% sRGB for users who need high standard color accuracy and height adjustable color palette to give each user the best viewing angle, making it more comfortable for games and long calculations. The screen also meets VESA standards, so you can quickly switch to another installation solution. The low idle input is behind the AOC low idle input. Image processing can provide a video signal without lag in width, giving the player an edge over the opponent's 34-inch power cord. HDMI cable, DP cable, QSG cable

Crazy immersive experience
CQ34G2 features exquisitely curved panels and vibrant colors to provide a more exciting and exciting viewing experience. Our eyes are bent and our vision is restricted. The curvature of 1500R CQ34G2 corresponds to our visual style, which means eyes are less pressure and you are the focus of activity.

Good Game
CQ34G2 is very similar to the gaming screen, and the screen will pop up in your bedroom, office, or your hiding place. Whether you are a competitive or causal player who loves this stylish screen, it is a vertical screen and a beautiful screen.

Short response time
1ms Response Time (MPRT) means that pixels can respond quickly and without distortion, which improves the gaming experience. Rapid gestures and dramatic changes appear smoothly without the scattered effects of shadows, and are essential for sniper games from a first-person perspective. Choose the right path to success and don't let slow motion slow you down.

Fluid play
AMD FreeSync can synchronize your computer screen and GPU to avoid screen tears, delays and input delays and to provide a smooth, fast and amazing gaming experience.

Wide angle and more colors
The VA panel can provide a 178/178 degree viewing angle, while image and color quality remain the same in all display modes. The screen itself has a matte, anti-glare coating that leaves no imprints or stains. The screen produces rich colors of 118% sRGB and 88% Adobe RGB.

Adjustable in height
The ability to adjust the screen height is very important to the player. The screen also allows swivel, tilt and tilt and can be attached to VESA.

 Excellent curves, excellent immersion
It's a 34-inch gaming screen with a 1ms response time and a 21: 9 aspect ratio, the CQ34G2 has all the features you need to stand out from the competition and get into your favorite games.
Review AOC CQ34G2 G2 Series FHD Curved Monitor
AOC CQ34G2 G2 Series FHD Curved Monitor

AOC CQ34G2 G2 Series FHD Curved Monitor Specs
  • AOC Gaming G2 34-inch (34 visible) display with Full HD VA 2560 x 1080 panel
  • AMD FreeSync delivers 1ms fast response (MPRT) and 75Hz refresh rate for a very smooth gaming experience
  • Three-sided frameless design with 1500R curvature, great games and entertainment
  • The VA panel has a wide viewing angle and excellent colors, provides sRGB coverage of more than 119% and can cover the entire color gamut
  • The Arab Oil Company distributed 3 years of damage resulting from the accident, 3 years of damage resulting from the accident (one time), without light stains
  • AOC LowBlue mode and FlickerFree height support provide convenience and an extended gaming experience (VESA compatible).
  • 1 DisplayPort 1 2 2x HDMI 1 4 to display powerful and practical graphics (including one DisplayPort and one HDMI cable)
  • Low AOC input delay provides video signal screen without any delay

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