Review Cooler Master MWE 550 White 550W Power Supplie
Cooler Master MWE 550 White 550W Power Supplie

Cooler Master Power Supplie MWE 550 White 550W 80+ White Power Supply with 120mm quiet dynamic hydraulic fan, single rail + 12v, flat black cable (MPE-5501-ACAAW-US)

MWE White offers standard 80 plus certification with average efficiency of 80% under typical loads. The DC-to-DC + LLC circuit design allows the device to transmit power from a single rail + 12 V, providing a reliable, efficient and safe user experience. HDB-sensitive fans are thermally cooled depending on the temperature and are constantly adapted to the support required by the system. Not only does it waste less energy, it also provides a quieter user experience because the fan is not used with maximum noise when it is not needed. MWE White is an excellent economical power supply option for this IT experience.

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80 Plus standard power supply with DC-DC + LLC
Choose MWE White to operate the system safely, efficiently, in a simple, reliable and cost-effective manner. The power source has a typical efficiency of 80%, single rail + 12 V, DC-DC circuit design, active PFC and 120mm HDB thermal fan, which can provide entry calculations, stable and reliable foundation. The model meets all basic system performance requirements without annoying or complex special functions. Just plug in the power source and start working. It provides four power levels from 450 watts to 750 watts. You can't go wrong with MWE White for an excellent basic IT experience.

DC-DC + LLC circuit design
The wall supplies the power supply with a voltage level, but all components require a different voltage to work properly. The process of transferring raw energy from the wall to the rooms requires special components to complete the process quickly, efficiently and safely. This goal will be achieved with MWE White's DC-to-DC + LLC. The arrangement is designed with two front circuits in a way that converts 12 volts of power sources to 3 volts and 5 volts. Meanwhile, the ripple noise is reduced to a minimum with a typical efficiency of 80% and the risk of connected components is reduced.

Rail 1 + 12V
MWE White uses a single +12 volt connecting rod to ensure stable wall power distribution for all system components.
Review Cooler Master MWE 550 White 550W Power Supplie
Cooler Master MWE 550 White 550W Power Supplie

HDB fan 120mm
MWE White is an HDB heat fan. It is rotated according to the system temperature to ensure the safety of the power source and minimal noise.

Flat black cable
MWE White uses a soft black flat cable. They are more flexible and flexible, making them easier to install, take up less space, and keep air flowing.

Cooler Master MWE 550 White 550W Power Supplie Specs
  • Single + 12 Volt Rail: Monitor the power source in one circuit to ensure stable output across all cables connected.
  • DC-DC Technology: The DC-DC + LLC circuit design provides reliable and stable output for all connected components.
  • 120mm HDB fan: Use fan response speed control to reduce noise in use for specific cooling requirements.
  • Silent mode: The fan does not operate under light load or standby mode, ensuring a quiet user experience.
  • Black Flat Cable: Flat cable takes up less space, which is practical for cable management.

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