Review Feather P12 Turbo 512GB SSD
Feather P12 Turbo 512GB SSD

Feather P12 Turbo SSD (512 GB) and Tools, macOS-mSATA SSD for Apple MacBook Pro EMC 2557, 2672, 2512, 2673, 2512 iMac EMC Upgrade 2544, 2545, 2546

Feather P12 Turbo 512GB SSD Specs

  • [Open to companies and free delivery within 24 hours] We are open to companies and send orders on weekdays within 24 hours. Instantly disable Feather SSD.
  • [550 reads, 450 writes] The P12 Turbo is behind standard factory testing and has been developed to achieve optimum compatibility, higher speed, better heat dissipation and higher reliability. Update your Mac in minutes without buying a new Mac
  • [All Items Will Be Purchased] Each pen is preinstalled with High Sierra macOS and delivered with the corresponding converter, pentalobe screwdriver and torx screwdriver, easy-to-install installation guide, online FAQ & e-mail and phone support, 3 year warranty. One store for all your needs
  • [Check EMC compatibility to ensure compatibility.] Carefully review the compatibility table in the menu and instructions below to ensure that the P12 Turbo can be used with your device. EMC number is the best way to achieve a match
  • [Accessory] Feather SSD is not compatible with Fledging Shell and Shell Thunder SSD or other containers

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